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European Green Deal Data Space


29 mei 2024





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Topic description

Expected Outcome:


Awarded proposal(s) are expected to deliver a fully operational Green Deal data space, including:

• A GDDS governance mechanism;

• A GDDS technical infrastructure for integrating applications and use-cases supporting the initial four focus areas (zero pollution, biodiversity, climate adaptation/mitigation, circular economy) and beyond, while also seamlessly connecting previously fragmented green data infrastructures and operational data ecosystems, whether public or private;

• High-value, reusable datasets relevant for the European Green Deal;

• Stakeholder mapping and engagement, especially concerning the operational phase of the GDDS after the end of the action;

• Policy recommendations about regulatory interventions required to enable data flows and scale up impactful use-cases identified by the action, and to enshrine the institutional roles of stakeholders inside the GDDS, their rights and obligations.


The objective of this action is to deploy an operational Green Deal Data Space (GDDS). The Action is expected to take into account all the latest developments in the data strategy and green deal landscape including the results of the Coordination and Support Action on “Preparatory actions for the Green Deal data space”, funded under the WP 2021/221.It should also take into account the results from the Horizon Europe projects funded under HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-17: Common European Green Deal data space to provide more accessible and exploitable environmental observation data in support of the European Green Deal priority actions. The action will deploy a technical infrastructure and governance mechanism for the GDDS and related use cases. It will enable reusing and sharing data from existing relevant data ecosystems and dataspaces, which will feed new services and applications that contribute to reaching the objectives of the Green Deal.



The awarded proposal from this action is expected to focus on data space applications and use cases that contribute to the Green Deal overall, and specifically to the policy objectives set out in four initial focus areas: biodiversity, zero pollution, climate adaptation/mitigation, circular economy. The action will further help supporting and monitoring the implementation of the Council Recommendation on ensuring a fair transition towards climate-neutrality of 16 June 2022, including the primary objective to ensure an effective, fair and effective green and digital transition.2

Applications and use cases impacting simultaneously many other relevant areas and clearly demonstrating links with relevant sectoral data spaces (e.g. energy, mobility, etc.) are strongly encouraged. Particularly, synergies and joint-use cases with the following Digital Europe Programme actions are welcome:

The awarded proposal will use, in so far as possible and when available, the smart cloud-to-edge middleware platform Simpl3. It will also work in close partnership with the Data Spaces Support Centre4 in order to ensure alignment with the rest of the ecosystem of data spaces implemented with the support of Digital Europe Programme, in particular in view of a data spaces reference architecture; common building blocks, toolboxes and standards; and data governance models. The active participation of data providers and users from the project’s inception is highly recommended since it will ensure that the data space is designed and structured to meet their needs, making the data space more relevant and leading to increased adoption rates and a stronger sense of ownership of data providers and users by the end of the project’s runtime.

2. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32022H0627(04)

3. https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/news/simpl-cloud-edge-federations-and-data-spaces-made-simple

4. See https://dssc.eu/


Digital Europe is het nieuwe EU-programma dat gericht is op de opbouw van de strategische digitale capaciteiten van de EU en de bevordering van een grootschalige inzet van digitale technologieën. Het programma heeft als doel om de digitale transformatie van de economie, het bedrijfsleven en de samenleving in de EU te ondersteunen en te versnellen.

Het programma investeert in vijf onderdelen: 

Het doel van Digital Europe is ervoor te zorgen dat onderzoeksresultaten op het gebied van digitale technologieën daadwerkelijk worden omgezet in verkoopbare producten. Er wordt speciale aandacht besteed aan het MKB, maar ook overheden worden aangesproken op specifieke onderwerpen. Het programma richt Europese Digital Innovation Hubs op, die overheden en bedrijven kunnen helpen beter om te gaan met digitale uitdagingen en in contact te komen met bedrijven die digitale oplossingen bieden. In Nederland is de DSIH (Dutch Societal Innovation Hub) specifiek gericht op overheden.

Voor individuele projecten die onder de eerste en derde doelstelling vallen, is geen directe financiering beschikbaar. De EU-gerelateerde entiteiten die gespecialiseerd zijn in high-performance computing en cyberbeveiliging zullen acties rond deze thema’s uitvoeren.


In sommige gevallen is Europese samenwerking nodig om in aanmerking te komen voor subsidie.

Het programma is voor mkb’ers, bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheidsorganisaties die:


50% – Simple Grants

75% – SMEs support action

100% – Coordination and support actions

Info & Aanvraag

Aanvraagprocedure gaat via de EU-portal Funding & Tender Opportunities.

Website: Digitaal Europa