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Innovative and Connected Public Administrations


29 mei 2024





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Expected Outcome:

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The Digital Decade target expects all key public services to be online by 2030. These should also be available to citizens and businesses from other Member States, without discrimination. The future Interoperable Europe Act will be a significant driver for this, supporting Member States’ efforts in the field on cross-border interoperability and data exchange. This action will help create capacity in Member States to successfully implement the Interoperable Europe Act and prepare the ground for related support measures.

The Interoperable Europe Act foresees the possibility of setting up policy implementation support projects, which may rely on existing Interoperable Europe solutions, but may also identify missing interoperability solutions to be developed.

Innovation measures can support the development and uptake of innovative interoperability solutions in the EU, through the involvement of GovTech actors or the establishment of an interoperability regulatory sandbox. These efforts may also be assisted by training, experience sharing, peer reviews as well as the use of an interoperability regulatory sandbox.

Strengthened collaboration between Member States is necessary to launch common projects supporting cross-border interoperability. This CSA aims to create the preconditions for Member States to work together, jointly identify the needs and develop a platform for awareness raising, ideation and piloting interoperability assets needed for cross-border digital public services. These may result in re-usable, interoperability solutions that may be presented to the Interoperable Europe Board and eventually become labelled Interoperable Europe solutions. The CSA will thus be essential to prepare an effective awareness-raising plan for the next phase of cross-border digital public service development and testing.


The aim of this action is to create the conditions for developing a platform for awareness raising, ideation and piloting interoperability assets needed for cross-border digital public services. To this end, this CSA is expected to raise awareness and thereby bring together digital government ecosystems, experts and relevant stakeholders to identify requirements, solutions, innovation measures and joint pilots needed for the implementation of new cross-border services. This will need to be aligned with the measures and tools foreseen in the Interoperable Europe Act, including measures such as the regulatory sandboxes and Govtech. It will also foster training and peer reviews, when needs arise. It will also serve as a testbed for newly identified, re-usable interoperability solutions in the future. It should create a virtual environment where European public administrations can collaborate, share data, access cutting-edge tools and resources and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and data across borders for greater cross-border availability of digital public services. Proposers should also develop a broad communication strategy towards stakeholders. It should ensure coordination between the future Interoperable Europe Board and Community as well as other relevant stakeholders.

The CSA should not cover any elements that would lead to an overlap with actions on the European Digital Identity and Trust Ecosystem.

To this end, the action is expected to include:

All these activities will contribute to the capacity building of Member States’ public administrations to implement the obligations of the future Interoperable Europe Act on the ground.


Digital Europe is het nieuwe EU-programma dat gericht is op de opbouw van de strategische digitale capaciteiten van de EU en de bevordering van een grootschalige inzet van digitale technologieën. Het programma heeft als doel om de digitale transformatie van de economie, het bedrijfsleven en de samenleving in de EU te ondersteunen en te versnellen.

Het programma investeert in vijf onderdelen: 

Het doel van Digital Europe is ervoor te zorgen dat onderzoeksresultaten op het gebied van digitale technologieën daadwerkelijk worden omgezet in verkoopbare producten. Er wordt speciale aandacht besteed aan het MKB, maar ook overheden worden aangesproken op specifieke onderwerpen. Het programma richt Europese Digital Innovation Hubs op, die overheden en bedrijven kunnen helpen beter om te gaan met digitale uitdagingen en in contact te komen met bedrijven die digitale oplossingen bieden. In Nederland is de DSIH (Dutch Societal Innovation Hub) specifiek gericht op overheden.

Voor individuele projecten die onder de eerste en derde doelstelling vallen, is geen directe financiering beschikbaar. De EU-gerelateerde entiteiten die gespecialiseerd zijn in high-performance computing en cyberbeveiliging zullen acties rond deze thema’s uitvoeren.


In sommige gevallen is Europese samenwerking nodig om in aanmerking te komen voor subsidie.

Het programma is voor mkb’ers, bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheidsorganisaties die:


50% – Simple Grants

75% – SMEs support action

100% – Coordination and support actions

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