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EuropaPact Fryslân enables more

EuropaPact Fryslân is your convenient gateway to Frisian companies, municipalities, knowledge institutes, and other public and private organisations.

For European organisations

We are the linking pin for European institutions, NCP’s, partnerships, consortia, international associations, research institutes, SME’s and larger companies to the high quality innovation ecosystem in the province of Friesland.

Friesland is proud of its leading knowledge and economic areas:

  • Water technology
  • Agrifood (dairy)
  • Circular economy (plastics)
  • Energy (wind, water, hydrogen)
  • Sustainable tourism & leisure

Your guide to European succes

For Frisian organisations

Companies, knowledge institutes, municipalities and other public and private organisations in the Dutch province Friesland can benefit more from participating in European collaborative projects.

  • Accelerating research, development,
  • and innovation.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Developing solutions for wicked
  • problems.
  • Expanding markets, increasing
  • business.
  • Influencing policy.

We can imagine that you struggle with developing and writing a winning project proposal. Let alone finding organisations to team up with. EuropaPact Fryslân is your righthand partner.

We can support in identifying issues or challenges in your organisations’ strategy. We help you define a strong project concept and find reliable project partners. Also we can financially contribute to the hiring of an external expert to prepare the full project proposal.

Contact us!

EuropaPact Fryslân organizes the so called EuropeReady training sessions . Introducing you to the do’s and don’ts of developing, submitting, managing, or joining European collaborative projects. You can join three consecutive 2-hour sessions. Hosted by experts with hands-on experience and a lot of practical tips and tricks.

Interested in exploring opportunities of European programs, funds and networks? Or are you thinking about developing a project, to make a difference on a European scale?